S4 Boxing Glove Kit Pink


Want the best beginner glove? We’ve got you covered. You get everything you need: proper protection, solid wrist support, and an ergonomic fit. We threw in FREE hand wraps and a wash bag, making this kit the best bang for your buck!

Why We Made It

Everyone has to start somewhere, so we figured why not make a pair of well-rounded gloves that beginners can count on as they get started. We've included hand wraps and a wash bag, too, so you can start training right away.


What We Love About Them

Our S4 Kit is perfect for beginners since it has everything you need to get started. Between our S4's wrist support, proper ergonomics, and your free hand wraps, you're getting the best protection that a beginner glove can offer! Train hard without being tough on your hands.


The Hayabusa Experience

Fit & Feel

Our S4 Boxing Glove ergonomics are similar to our T3’s, but with a more basic construction. They feel comfortable, protective, and will offer you a great first experience with a boxing glove.


We want to give you the full Hayabusa experience of proper protection, wrist support, and ergonomics. Train for longer, learn your techniques, then upgrade to a higher tier of glove once you are fully committed to the sport.


We built this glove to take the punishment of many rounds with you. It has beginner level build, along with additional features to help you start things off right. Learn the basics and experience Hayabusa before you commit to a higher tier glove.



Price: S$109.00